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The Club Dumas is the basis for the movie The Ninth Gate starring Johnny Depp.

The Club Dumas (original Spanish title El Club Dumas) is a 1993 novel by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. The book is set in a world of antiquarian booksellers echoing his previous work, The Flanders Panel.

The story follows the adventures of a book dealer, Lucas Corso, who is hired to authenticate a rare manuscript by Alexandre Dumas, père. Corso's investigation leads him to seek out two copies of a rare book known as De Umbrarum Regni Novem Portis (The Book of the Nine Doors of the Kingdom of Shadows). Corso encounters a host of intriguing characters on his journey of investigation, including devil worshippers, obsessed bibliophiles and an hypnotically enticing femme fatale. Corso's travels take him to Madrid (Spain), Sintra (Portugal), Paris (France) and Toledo (Spain).

The book is full of details that range from the working habits of Alexandre Dumas to how one might go about forging a 17th-century text, as well as insight into demonology, and the nature of social constructionism.

Movie= 84 Charing Cross Road
This is an older movie starring Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal) and Anne Bankcroft.
In 1949, New York book-lover Helene Hanff responds to an ad about collectibles at the Marks and Company bookshop, located at 84 Charing Cross Road in London. Frank P. Doel, the man in charge of overseas orders, answers her query and a romance begins between them that will span two decades. After several attempts to meet fail over the years, Helene finally does get to 84 Charring Cross Road, but by this time, many things have changed.
There is a lot of "booktalk" in this movie.  Charring Cross road is a well known area with a lot of bookstores.

The picture on the left is the cover of a obscure movie I bought on the internet titled "Book Wars" it is about street booksellers in New York.  How they make a living and the rivalry between them all.

Used and Rare: Travels in the Book World [Paperback]

Lawrence Goldstone (Author), Nancy Goldstone (Author)
The Goldstones are expatriate urbanites who fled jobs on Wall Street to live and write in the Berkshires. With a sense of adventure and fresh beginnings, they relate how they revived their life together and discovered the wonders of old books. Soon they were visiting used and rare book shops and auctions in the remote towns in the region, as well as in Boston, New York, and even as far away as Chicago. Along the way, the reader learns about the lore and minutiae of old books. As the authors flirt with collecting modern first editions, readers are treated to some of the fascinating stories of modern literature and get the insider's view of the arcane ways experts identify a first edition and decide what makes a book valuable. Readers also meet intriguing book sellers and collectors and others who inhabit the world of books. All in all, a delightful education in the book arts; recommended for public libraries.?

Charles P. Everitt happened to be a rare book dealer and authority on Americana, but he could have been a character out of Mark Twain. The stories he tells in "The Adventures of a Treasure Hunter," about the grand old days of wheeling and dealing in the first half of the 20th century, are unfailingly vivid and colorful.
Stories from the bookworld of yesteryear! If you liked John Dunning's BOOKED TO DIE, the whodunnit of the bibliophile world, if you like selling books on internet, or hunting out valuable & rare books for your own collection, you'll enjoy this one! Internet has altered the landscape, and time's they're always changin', but the heart of the hunt remains, at it's core, the same. Here a book-scout/dealer shares his insights, anecdotes, and tall-tales, to the delight of all of us bibliophile internet booksellers of the New Millenium! An extra bonus is that the writer is not only a knowledgeable bookman, but also a historical specialist in Americana - There's a little myth-debunking mixed into the recipe, to add a little flavor ala LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME (by historian Loewen)! A classic that should be added to the Required Reading list for all new booksellers!

1918. Parnassus on Wheels is the story of Roger Mifflin, a sprite like figure who moves through the New England countryside with his traveling book wagon. His story shows how book selling can be one of the world's highest callings, spreading enlightenment with a dose of delight.

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